Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Little Women

I decided to try my hand at the Tomie dePaola award this year.  This year's challenge was to illustrate a scene in black and white from either the Yearling, Little Women, or Tom Sawyer.

As I cannot resist anything old-timey involving girls in bonnets and big dresses, I chose Little Women.

This was my original rough sketch, showing Jo editing her first novel. While I liked the idea of the white pages against the dark colored desk, ultimately I didn't feel passionate about this image and decided to go with something different.

So, here's my entry:
This one is almost all digital, with some pencil here and there.  I started with a very rough pencil sketch that I scanned and painted it in Photoshop.


CMPimages said...

Your second illustration is so much more powerful - I get a strong sense of who Jo is in the woods scene. Nice work and good luck in the comp!

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

I very much like them both. The POVs are compelling!
Good luck! I hope you win!

Liz Wong said...

Thank you both!