Monday, September 19, 2005

Illustration Friday - escape

No. 1 Rescue Squad in Action!
Here's a painting we recently completed for our show that opened on Friday. It luckily fit into the theme so I didn't have to create something just for I-Friday this week. Since we are still in the process of moving and catching up on past orders and getting ready for the next I Heart Rummage, I'm glad to have something already done. But I still kind of feel like a cheater.

Anyhow, this is part of a series of paintings that depicts the battle between good and evil - the cute deer and girls representing the good and the demons on the side of the bad. Here, the deer had been captured by the demons and imprisoned in their camp. The girls disguised themselves as demons and are seducing the enemy while their comrades in arms are outside liberating the deer.

This is the painting that comes right before it in the series, and depicts the deer being captured:


carla said...

These are very strange! They make me think of a dream where the extraordinary seems very natural. I love the odd subject matter and the colors...both pieces are very attention-getting!

Todd DeWolf said...

These are very interesting with a book quality thrown into the mix. Great use of colour. I like them a lot.

Anne said...

I enjoy your art.

Aaron Paquette said...

Really fantastic! You have such a great and orginal concept here.

Keep it up!