Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pride and Prejudice the Comic Book, Page 23 - 27

I finally posted another chapter of the Pride and Prejudice Comic Book over at Flickr. I apologize for not replacing the text with more legible text in the rest of the pages, but if you look at the image and click "all sizes," you can access the larger and much easier to read size.

Here's the link to all the pages I have done so far:

Meanwhile, Marvel has beaten me to it, and has published their own Pride and Prejudice, which is not surprising given the fact that it's taken me about 9 years to get through approximately a quarter of the book. You can read the first issue of the Marvel comic for free here:


Raquel said...

Dear Liz,

Only this week I have known your Pride and Prejudice, so I made a little post at my blog, Jane Austen in Portuguese. I put one image to illustrate the post. Congratulations for your work and aI hope you continue this lively P&P.

ArtGhost said...

Great! Thanks for the link. I'm glad to know that there are Austen fans the world over.