Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mermaid sketches

So, related to the previous post, sometimes something in that page of heads will spark an idea. This looked like a mermaid's head to me.

Then I went on a major mermaid kick:

I think I'm done drawing mermaids for a while.

Shortly thereafter, I went into my smoky-eyed waifs phase:

But, I'm tired of drawing these women now. Right now, shaggy-haired dudes seems to be emerging as a strong contender for the next wave of sketches.


Hypatia the magnifecent said...

Great art! i love mermaids! the eyes are sooo darka nd mysteriouse! The pieces are creative, but still really simple! The drawings have sooo much charecter build up! So much feeling.... like looking into the eyes of a familiar intimidating stranger! So so so so so so amazing! i cant even tell you!

Nina said...

Love it trying to draw a mermaid and this gave me inspiration!!!