Friday, May 04, 2007

Every Day in May

So, another blogger had posted that she was going to do a painting every day in May. I thought this sounded like a good idea, since I haven't had much time to do paintings lately. However, it is now the 4th, and I have zero paintings to my name. Why I thought I could participate in this is beyond me. Anyhow, here's a study for an illustration I'm currently working on, which will be changing completely before it's done.
Maybe I'll have to do every week in May. Doesn't sound quite as snappy, does it?


Mike Baehr said...

Very nice. Izzat Miranda July?

ArtGhost said...

Oh my gosh! It is. I'm so glad that she is recognizable from the drawing. I'm always worried that it doesn't really look like the person it is supposed to be of. I guess my husband did say it was a good likeness, but apparently I didn't really believe him. Whew!