Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Read Illustration

I'm trying to do more black and white for the portfolio. I had a few pieces, but decided I didn't like them and threw them all out. I've been inspired now that I have recovered from the Christmas doldrums and feel energetic and creative again!


Anyanka said...

I like this, too. Do you think you might be interested in illustrating for textbooks?

ArtGhost said...

Yes, I would love to illustrate for textbooks. I am trying to tailor my portfolio a little more towards the tween/teen age market, since I think that's probably where my strengths really lie. I'm going to add some sections to my portfolio site, divide it up by age group since it's all jumbled together right now. And since my editorial and custom work is all over on the artghost site.

Anyhow... do you need some illustration? Hook me up!