Monday, June 19, 2006

Head Like a Kite T-Shirts

a) you are a girl, and
b) you want a t-shirt designed by ArtGhost, and
c) you enjoy indie rock,

Then go get a Head Like a Kite T-Shirt:

They're super cute! And possibly your only chance to get an ArtGhost image on a piece of clothing, since we don't produce t-shirts!


Anyanka said...

Those are so super cute. I'm gonna have to get one...what's the music like? Sounds vaguely familar (said the girl who works for an indie rock magazine)...

Liz Wong said...

It's a lot of sampled stuff from old super 8 films, and er... you can listen to some of their songs on their website. You can see I am not a music writer... Noisy at the Circus is good - the girl from Smoosh sings it.

Anyanka said...

I might interview Smoosh for the magazine website! Or...would you like to? Seriously.

Liz Wong said...

Hmm.. Don't think I'm much of an interviewer. But Smoosh is really neat-o! You should interview them.