Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Illustration Friday - Sea

It's been raining a lot here lately - it's rained for 23 days straight, or something like that. We're close to setting a record. Eric called me at work and told me the basement was flooding. This is what I pictured. He claimed that he rode around on the whale until his hand got stuck in the blowhole. But, this is closer to the reality of the situation:

Except that we don't have a duck.


carla said...

Oh my... what a pain to be flooded, but what a joy to see such a great illustration. At least you're seeing it through your artist's eyes! Good job:>

Tony Sarrecchia said...

Sorry to hear about the flood. Love the top illo.

Amy Zaleski said...

Very clever....nice job!

TXArtcGal said...

I'm sorry about your flood...but, what an awesome illustration!

And...please send some rain this way! Here in Texas we have wild fires popping up everywhere, and strong winds not helping matters. I cannot remember the last time we had rain.

Baskerville Hound said...

What a lovely illustration! sorry to hear your basement flooded :'(
glad that you got a pet whale out of it though!

Liz Wong said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!

Although I am tired of the rain, since we are getting close to breaking a record I am strangely excited about it and want it to keep raining. It's something for me to rally behind, like a sports team winning. Since I don't follow sports, I have to take pride in the weather. Rain! Rain! Go....Rain!